F Stop Productions


F Stop Productions is your Tampa Bay area based studio for your imagery.


F Stop Production is unique as it covers my love for two different realms; my passion for photography and the other is my ambition for creativity.

Growing up I remember my father capturing all the special or candid moments either by photos or videos. Reliving those moments thru print or digital with your loved ones was one of the best feelings because of the emotions that occurred and the stories that followed.

Graduated from the State College of Florida as graphic design for my major. Having over 10 years of experience in the field, I absolutely love it. I love making something have a story, how ideas transform into something that can generate feelings.

Why go with the name F Stop Productions? F Stop is the focal length for the diameter of the aperture blades in the lens. The smaller the F stop number the larger the lens open, the bigger the f stop number the smaller the lens open. Depending what you are focusing on, a larger f stop will be better to get more out details on the whole frame while a smaller f stop will focus on the subject more while having the background blurred. What I relate this to, is that I want to be the right setting that tells the story in the most meaningful way. 

Whether you want something captured or created I am here to make it have a story for you to share to the world.


Imagery is limitness
— Allan Fajardo